Guarding Systems

If you are looking for a guarding system for your machine cell, we can design, build and install, giving you the perfect finish to your project.

The picture  shows a guard with 50mm steel frame, powder coated and fitted with adjustable legs.

Clear polycarbonate panels give an excellent view of all protected equipment inside.

Cell guarding

Additional Vacuum Circuit

Additional vacuum circuits are very often useful for multi cavity tooling, if all cavities need to be monitored.

Image shows layout of manifold integrated to an Engel Viper robot, which houses 16 off analogue vacuum sensors, monitoring all parts are collected.

All signals are sent back to a Siemens PLC, which has the capability of fault condition warning and individual calibration of each vacuum sensor.

16 vacuum circuits independently monitored

Step Conveyors

Step Conveyors

If you have an application for conveyor integration with your automation cell, we can design, construct and interface the equipment, giving you a total solution.

Reject Chutes

Do you need to improve your quality control? A pneumatic reject chute could help you.

Set up via the reject signal on your machine, the discharge flap is set either to good parts or reject parts to ensure all your mouldings that are packed are within tolerance.

Reject Chutes

Fixtures & Jigs

Pull test nest arrangement

Pull test fixture which is designed to test ultrasonic weld strength of plastic automotive components. Individual nests can be bolted on to frame using a common location.

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