End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) can range from very basic modular design, where accuracy is not as critical.

Example demoulding of parts using suckers with vacuum detection, to more complex solutions for insert loading, over moulding, de-gating or printing.

PCMA can design, manufacture and construct to your specification using profile for the modular design or machined back plates where higher accuracy is required.

12 Impression EOAT

Using part CAD, we can model specific locator blocks to profile parts exactly, using non marking material where applicable and where normal vacuum is not possible, gripper jaws can be 3D printed to hold the parts.

Schunk Automatic End of Arm Tool Quick Change System

Schunk have developed a quick change system, which allows integral pneumatic and electrical connections. When Schunk is unlocked, all services are disconnected when robot is driven away from EOAT.

To complement this, a Leoni cable management system can be mounted to axis 4 to ensure all pipes and cables do not snag on the robot whilst in operation.

End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) Examples

Images show examples of Insert loading and De-moulding EOAT.

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